Iced Whiskey

Strong, humble, classy, enjoyable, timeless, simple. Your company is a blend of classy and dependable with an eye for the modern needs of your market. You and your customers are serious about your craft but know how to balance work and fun for a healthy environment.

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This logo was created by Dennis Cortés, a full-time, professional designer and illustrator. This logo was hand-crafted in a very intentional and strategic way to fit the needs and standards of today's industries. You can be confident this logo's elements and quality will represent your idea the way it deserves, we promise.

What You Get

  • Exclusive rights to this logo forever
  • Every logo file you will ever need including:
    • Black and white, 100% scalable vector file
    • Guide for use and ZIP file for easy sharing with designers, developers, and manufacturers
    • Various image sizes for easy application
$249 Purchase This Logo →

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